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on-brand content on Pinterest

Pinterest Tip #13 – On-Brand Content

Pinning on-brand content on Pinterest is key to both growing your audience on Pinterest and getting website traffic.

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Pinterest Marketing

Pin On-Brand Content on Pinterest

Only pin on-brand content on Pinterest. Pinterest does in fact limit the total number of pins you can share over time per account, and this is where the concept of quality over quantity comes into play. When we talk about on-brand content, we mean that only content relevant to our audience and subject matter should be pinned. You can even take it a step further and brand your boards with a consistent color scheme and style, and only pin similar pins with the same colors, look, and feel.

There are a ton of bloggers using so many different colors, fonts, styles, etc. without a cohesive theme. Their collection of pins do not look recognizable, and many are made using free templates (available to the entire world) on Canva. This is not a solid strategy, at all.

Does it matter what you pin?

Yes. It does matter what you pin, because you don’t just want to pin a bunch of random stuff. You should be pinning high-quality on-brand content. I talk about this in depth in my book, Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months.

That’s the key here; on-brand content. Remember, you are pinning for your audience, not yourself. So in this book, I’m not showing you how to create a beautiful, personal Pinterest with all of your random things that you are interested in. We are creating a Pinterest profile for a brand whether that brand is your blog, your business – whatever it may be, but we are creating this Pinterest for your audience. 

Now, you can still pin a lot of stuff that’s interesting to you, but again, we’re pinning for your audience, not for you. Let’s get into it.

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