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Pinterest Tip #14 – Notification Alerts

Use the notifications alerts on Pinterest to identify pinning ideas Pinterest is showing. This will help you get new ideas for your brand.

Use the notifications alerts on Pinterest to identify pinning ideas Pinterest is showing you. When Pinterest is alerting you of things and pins that are popular or that you may be interested, take that opportunity and start pinning. Rumor has it that Pinterest will “elevate” your account and show more of your pins if you pin material that they have identified as applicable to you. This can also help you save time in identifying what to pin next. Using this nudge from Pinterest will help you create a better Pinterest marketing strategy.

When you’re working on your business profile on Pinterest and growing your traffic on your blog, it’s easy to get a bit stalemated on content ideas. Pinterest can help you with that and that’s also why they give you alerts on your notifications alerts so you can pin what they recommend.

As a means of establishing Pinterest strategy for your brand, using recommended pins makes sense. It’ll help elevate your traffic, as Pinterest has already deemed that content as being popular, fresh, and new. And as you already probably know, when you have trending pins on your account being shared, that only enhances the likelihood of gaining followers as well as pinners finding your content, website, and products.

Developing a solid Pinterest marketing strategy involves using the nudges Pinterest is giving you, because those are hints that Pinterest wants you to take action on.

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