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Pinterest Tip #17 – an Attractive Look on Pinterest

Here's how to look attractive on Pinterest and also how to create a certain esthetic. Get some ideas on how to curate your style for brands.

Get more followers by creating an attractive on Pinterest. Having an attractive and cohesive look to your Pinterest profile will help you gain followers quickly and serve you well long-term. Your pins should be tall, pretty (whatever that means to you), easy to read, and as much as possible, provide value to your audience.

Have you made this mistake? So many pinners use hundreds of different templates, colors, fonts, etc., so much so, that it’s impossible to correlate the pin with any specific brand. This is branding 101. Use your own attractive look on Pinterest that is your own brand, fonts, colors, image styles, textures, patterns, etc.

What I recommend is avoid using any free tool or resource that is available to billions of people. Instead, invest (even if it’s a small amount) in 6-10 solid Pinterest templates and adapt them to your own brand colors, fonts, textures, patterns, style. You can do this quickly with Canva’s style function in the left dashboard. With one click, you can change the look of a template from one set of colors and fonts to your own set in your brand settings in the platform.

I have chosen to stick to my brand colors, overall esthetic, a font combination of three fonts, and neutral zones for my brand. It’s what works, and as a result, I’ve taken a lot of guesswork over what kind of images work best for my own brand, and it’s recognizable across the board. You’ll develop a certain look with consistency over time, too. I know you can do it!

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