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Pinterest Tip #19 – Multi-Dimensional Pins, Pin Design

Learn the ins and outs of creating multi-dimensional pin designs, and why to use a unique, original Pinterest pin design template.

Multi-dimensional pins

One of your goals with using Pinterest is going to be a bit of a design and theme challenge. You do not want to have your pins looking like everyone else. You do want them to look unique and original. So you’re going to want to create multi-dimensional pins using a custom pin design template to create the perfect Pinterest pin.

Try using pins that blend well but also multiple colors and textures that compliment your brand well. Try not to stick to just one color.

Rather than pinning all your pins using all the freebie templates in Canva (OMG please don’t do this – badness all over the place), stick to 5-6 custom pin design layouts, using your brand colors and fonts (ahem, use a branding guide) and stick to those until it’s high time for a change. It doesn’t matter if you get them from my shop (but oh, I’d be grateful) or another shop. But investing in custom pin design template sets is an absolute must. 

Custom Pin Design Template

What we’re shooting for here is this: recognizability. I pin other pins because I recognize the design and know that blogger. I specifically LOOK for those pins in my feed to re-pin or save for my audience because I’ve connected the quality of their sites and posts with their pin designs.

Pinterest pins are a dime a dozen when the same freebie templates are being used. Invest in your own custom design so you stand apart from the rest of the pack. Avoid, avoid, avoid using a pin design template that everyone has access to or has used on Pinterest.

Make it easy for other pinners to remember who you are and what you’re about. Check out the shop to select a custom Pinterest pin design template to use.

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