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Pinterest Tip #6 – Just Be You

Learn how to just be you on Pinterest. Do your own thing, and don't try to copy what everyone else is doing. Find your voice and style!

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Pinterest Marketing

Just be you. Don’t copy everyone else. So I’m going to show you what that means so you can just be you on Pinterest.

There are a ton of #girlboss, #ladyboss, #momboss, and #girlbosses out there who talk about making money online and typically use all the same colors and fonts. Please do not feel pressured to copy into this theme just because you perceive them as successful. Be your own person. You’ll note that there are a ton of pink-oriented pins on Pinterest. Notice that my profile adopts the soft blue and ocean & relaxation feel, mixed with a Nordic minimalist style. It’s what works for me, and is my signature style. So find what your brand colors are and stick to YOUR brand.

You may come to find on Pinterest a ton of trends, popular ways to display your pins, logos that are popular, and feel the need or desire to mimic other brands. Try not to. Do some soul searching first, write down your ideal look, what kind of content you want your Pinterest profile to be associated with, and then contemplate what you want your Pinterest account esthetic to look like. Do you prefer bright colors and pins? Do you want lots of text glaring on the pin or do you like more of a subtle look?

Remember – there are so many people that are “fronting” – claiming they are successful with their blog when they actually don’t have the numbers to prove it or to even warrant that level of “success” you’re seeking to have, whatever success means to you personally. Do your own thing, like I have, and be stellar at being YOU.

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