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Pinterest Tip #8 – When to Pin

The “best time” to pin is somewhat irrelevant. When to pin on Pinterest is not a logical question to ponder anymore, because Pinterest’s Smart Feed determines when and where your pins are shown, and this is why it’s so important to put out your very best pins. Fresh pins matter – it’s no longer about if a pin is super popular or is going viral. Pinterest wants fresh pins regularly; not old content. But one thing has remained the same: the best time to pin on Pinterest is anytime. Pin schedulers like Buffer and Tailwind, can help you maintain consistency in pinning, but try not to get too wrapped up in the concept of the “best” time to pin.

Pinning your best content is more important than WHEN you pin it. The algorithm dictates what will be shown to followers and other pinners based on the quality of content. Not the timing. So if you’re under the impression that you have to pin all the things in the evening when most people are on, don’t believe in that.
There IS the argument that more highly-engaged and higher-ratio virality accounts may have better luck with this (pinning at peak times for the most exposure), but we’re not privy to the algorithm code, so just trust that the algorithm will show your content if it’s a great pin, with great keywords, and a great image. That’s the beauty of the Smart Feed. 

One of the things I cover in the book Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months, is refuting the myths that many have come to believe about Pinterest, and all of the disinformation still being strewn around the internet. I keep my materials updated and publish updates on Pinterest in my course regularly.

Remember – the best time to pin on Pinterest is anytime. Now go pin!

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