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Start a Blog Content Strategy & Automate in 15 Minutes

Let me help you start a blog content strategy and automate it in about 15 minutes.

Let’s talk strategy and get you automated. In 15 minutes. First of all… what kind of creative are you? Are you an author? Designer? Artist? Content writer? Lifestyle blogger? A mom entrepreneur that gets hardly any sleep and blogs about coupons and family life and hope it works? Let me help you start a blog content strategy and automate it in about 15 minutes.

Whatever your creative style is, it’s in your best interest to have a blog content strategy in place. Then, you need to automate your posts so that people following you will start seeing your articles – once they’ve been exposed to it enough times, your message will start making sense and they’ll be reading your material. When I say automate, I mean post it once and leave it – have it repeat to see how well your post and image combination goes – and then check back. Consistency is the key to this game.

One of my strategies is to blog and share information with my followers while being incredibly efficient at doing it. So I pick a topic for the month and stick with that. And really, the commencement of your strategy really is that simple – pick a topic. Your strategy is to use your talents to convince people to follow you and engage with your posts, so that you can perhaps sell them something in the future.

Map out and plan your posts by the day. If you don’t plan on blogging daily, then try weekly. or every three days. I have top entrepreneurs email blasting me daily and it’s not even their regular blog – they’re using MailChimp or another service like InfusionSoft, AWeber or ConvertKit. It’s constant emails regardless of whether or not I open them! Crazy, right? I think blogging daily is a good thing, though – it builds your platform and put even more of your quality information out there for people to read. I reserve newsletters for things of a bit more importance and only for my subscribers. (Like, I give them free resources and stuff – but only because they’ve signed up. If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re not getting the goods!)

Here’s a few key things that I’m going to have you do:

  • Make a list of subjects your audience wants to learn more about
  • Make a list of how you can help them overcome challenges in those areas
  • Start your list of how-to’s and personal experiences in those areas
  • Write 30 blog headlines on those issues and topics
  • Begin the process of automating those articles straight away – get the links uploaded so you have a starting point
  • Write the articles, and then schedule them on Sendible – loop them every 2-3 days

Then, you just have to work on your visuals, and you’ll be all set to wow your audience. If your strategy is to gain followers, increase engagement and down the road, prepare a few purchasable items for them to have, then you’ll be on the right track with this plan. Use the remaining days of the month you have to build content upgrades. By getting everything done right away before the month even begins, you’ll allow more productive creative time to focus on your other projects, instead of worrying about what you’re going to blog about that day, and possibly get off-strategy or off-strategy.

You can develop your blog content strategy in as little as 15 minutes. It’s just a matter of sitting down, focusing on your topic, and developing your points. It’s easy, and not rocket science! Get back to writing, my friends!

pst! – I do not accept money for my editorial content or posts. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by third parties. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. This helps keep the blog running!

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