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Step Up Your Instagram Game with an Instagram Puzzle

An Instagram puzzle template can help you spruce up your Instagram feed. Check out this Instagram puzzle layout and template download.

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What should I post next? What should I write?… Questions often asked when someone logs onto their Instagram. An Instagram puzzle layout helps you create 18-however many Instagram posts quickly and easily. In my shop, I create an Instagram puzzle feed that promotes fluidity. An example Instagram puzzle feed template download is below in case you’re not familiar with puzzles.

You drool at the themed Instgram pages, inspired by so many profiles. And you wish yours looked that pretty or professional. How did they do that?

If you’re finding yourself challenged by content ideas, creating a cohesive look for your Instagram profile and want to do something cool and trendy with it, here’s something you can do within a matter of hours, which will set your profile up for regular posts for about a month if you post a picture daily.

Instagram puzzles are really trendy right now, because they simply look amazing. An Instagram puzzle template can be reused several times.

An Instagram puzzle is when you take one big image, and slice it into however many images, typically divisible by 3. Typical Instagram puzzles are usually 9, 18 or 27 images full. When posted altogether, you’ll see the big image.

But for many users and implementers of the original Instagram puzzle, where a random image was split up, it was confusing from a single image standpoint. You’d see someone’s arm or leg, or even blank space, which had no meaning or context. But altogether, it made sense.

The NEW Instagram puzzle, which I’m about to show you, has context and meaning with each and every image, has flow between each image, and looks great. 

This is the first template I’ve created for you to use to build your first Instagram puzzle. It’s designed for authors and bloggers, because it has some iPad mockups built right in to show off your latest ebook or content upgrade.

A look like this gets you a great-looking appearance of image fluidity, cohesiveness, color coordination, and yet, still allows you to feature your special pictures, products, and thoughts. It’ll really step up your game from just posting random pictures in a block-y sort of a way to something that has a great deal of eye appeal.

This template allows you to create 1 document – yup, just 1 – and make 27 individual, meaningful Instagram posts from it.

Instructions are included with the template. Here’s an example of the use of this template. 

To purchase this template ($12), visit my shop.

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