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It took me a long time to realize the truth: you don’t necessarily need the most expensive schedulers to get what you want posted effectively, and with ease. And… you can save time with one specific feature that few schedulers offer. When I think about all the time and money I wasted setting up and trying out various schedulers… 

(head to desk moment)

…oh that hurt. 

Listen, from a blogger who has invested hundreds into Sendible, has used HootSuite for various clients, Sprout, TweetDeck, Buffer, Edgar, etc. there have been only two that I have stuck with long-term for my own accounts. (I feel like I’ve literally tried them ALL out, and sometimes within 30 seconds I know if it’s going to be a good fit or not).

One is SmarterQueue, and the other is, obviously, Tailwind

Why these two? What makes them so special? 

It’s all about the loop. I’ll explain. 

What I do (or attempt) and use for scheduling content

When I resolve to use my schedulers as I should (I took a big, long break in 2019), looping posts, pins and content with a scheduler builds the business and grows the email list. I tend to keep things evergreen, using posts and content that fosters grow while weaving in new content as I publish. 

Obviously, evergreen content is key for Pinterest, so that comes naturally. But from time to time you may need to schedule time-sensitive promotions and that’s where SmarterQueue can help (even with looping campaign pieces).

I tend to use schedulers more when I’m going to be busy with some writing projects. (Uh, I have another book coming out soon). As part of my resolution for 2020, I’m “resolving” myself to using my SmarterQueue scheduler more consistently with the upcoming writing projects.

Honestly, I’d rather be writing than posting, and not have to worry about creating posts to schedule, so SmarterQueue and Tailwind are two fairly inexpensive systems that help me accomplish goals to get the writing done. Instead of having to upload new posts and schedule new stuff all the time, I can loop content and gradually weave new stuff in when I have a moment. 

But I know that from time to time you might want to see what I find useful or something new in the shop, and that’s when I think sharing and being present is important.

Thoughtful, balanced scheduling keeps the traffic coming in from all channels, even though Pinterest is my #1 source, and allows people to pick their favorite channels and still hear from me. (Although I tend to be an introvert.)

By doing this same thing, you can please your existing crowd with new content while sticking to content you know works and converts. SmarterQueue also gives you an opportunity to mix up the media automatically on re-post. Many schedulers do not feature a loop, and require you to either post/schedule/upload new content all the time. Just speaking from experience, this can be a huge time suck and waste of it, as well. 

I tend to schedule things in bulk that I know are appropriate for the time frame, celebrate the various holidays I like to mention (even National Popcorn Day), and keep my audience interested. I know that scheduling systems are a matter of personal preference and based on one’s own personal/business needs, but if you are looking for a recommendation and want to know what I use and why these two work for my own blogs, give both of them a try. (When you click on the links you’ll receive a free month or credit on me at no extra cost to you.)

Why they’re super fly

SmarterQueue is cool because it helps you achieve balance in content by segmenting post type (articles, your own blog posts, promotional, tips, questions, etc.) via color tabs, and it’s perfect for more visual users so you can see your blend of overall content. I’ve written a lot about Tailwind and how it’s the perfect tool for Pinterest in the Pinterest Marketing book, but just in case you’re out there, pinning posts to Pinterest and not looping them, know that your Pinterest game could get so much better if you started looping with Tailwind. 

I use Tailwind exclusively for Pinterest, and SmarterQueue for everything else. These two systems together are my dynamite duo. I like to keep things simple, cost effective, and be able to spend my time creating rather than working “on” my business. 

So if you are the same, and are looking for a duo to help you grow your traffic, achieve balance with posts, and do less “scheduling” by looping more of your content, these two software apps will do the job. Highly recommend both.

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