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Why I’ll Never Recommend CreativeMarket for Creatives

CreativeMarket seems like it would be a great place for creative types to be and open shop. Think again. Having been with them for over a year, with a successful shop with several 5-star reviews, I closed up shop on their platform today for a multitude of reasons.

  1. I’ve been talking to others with shops and have discovered that I’m not the only victim of product pirating. Some of my favorite designers, including my favorite theme designer, Hello You Designs (HYD), have had their products lifted from CreativeMarket and placed on file exchange sites, Russian-hosted sites and forums, and we have no way to report these buyers to CreativeMarket and keep them from gaining further access to our files. They typically create new accounts, buy something, and then demand a refund either same day or within minutes of purchasing. They specifically look for reasons to do so, being overly picky, not reading the description, finding loopholes, or become problem customers from the get-go. Or, they’ll file chargebacks, and still use the product they got. So I know of over 20 creatives that have had enough that are either scaling back or leaving their platform altogether.
  2. The customer service is horrible to creatives. You have zero say in whether or not to grant a refund (if there’s a technical compatibility issue), and the people that don’t deserve one get it from their support team. Meanwhile, creatives get fairly rude emails and demands put upon them by customer service.
  3. I refuse to have to drop my family plans on a holiday weekend to answer a message demanding something from someone I don’t know. If someone can’t wait until regular office hours, they don’t need to be my customer. Unfortunately, CreativeMarket attracts a lot of these small-minded, demanding people, and for shop owners, they’re a huge hassle.
  4. The payout is only 70% (which also means as a consumer you end up paying more than you would supporting the creative’s work on their own website for a lesser price), and shop owners only get paid once a month, around the 10th. That’s a long time to wait for your funds.

Many of us are closing up shop. Jennifer at HYD let me know that her site and sales went much better after closing up her shop (she has only a few designs left on there that thieves have already pirated). More traffic to her own website, and a 100% cut minus processing fees with her merchant provider.

As a creative, I had to take a stand. I love that you may have found me on there, but I had to close up shop on principle. It’s not right to download files, demand a refund, and then continue to use the product. That takes away from my kids’ plates, and I can’t support that. CreativeMarket has long lived off of our talent and creativity, and this has got to stop.

All of my designs are available through a membership, via Patreon, or on my Etsy shop or my online store. I welcome you to support and enjoy my designs there on those platforms, and thank you for your understanding in advance.


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