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You Don’t Have a Website Traffic Problem – It’s Your Conversion

So you have a blog. You put your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into your blog. You might even have a book that you’ve written and it’s published on Amazon. Or you have a product of some sort – like a class, something on Etsy, whatever.

Your website hits are low despite blogging, pinning and posting on Pinterest and Instagram. You don’t have many subscribers to your blog. And you’re wondering… is my mic on? What is happening? And then between the soft sobs, tears, vodka and reading post after post you stumble on this one to give you some actual clarity.

I’m going to tell you something that it takes website owners a long time, sometimes years, to figure out.

You don’t have a website traffic problem. You have a content conversion problem. The reason I can say that for certain is because between all of the social media channels and people who use the internet, there are BILLIONS of people online every single day looking and searching for things. They’re just not choosing to engage with you because you currently don’t have anything that is massively interesting to them. That’s the reality. But the good news is, you can change all that.

Content conversion is specific – it’s not necessarily about whether your site is making sales. It has to do with the quality of the material you’re generating.

Are people actually interested in what you have to say?

Content conversion has a lot of variables attached to it so your ability to diagnose the exact issue is going to take some effort. But here are some things to contemplate as you evaluate your situation:

  1. Have you invested time and energy into your graphics and if so, are they designer-grade and not just stock photos you’ve downloaded?
  2. Are you using “dead” or undesirable fonts and colors? By the way, if you’re using Papyrus, please stop.
  3. Is your blog content a niche or are you all over the place with your content topic?
  4. Are you making it easy for people to find stuff for sale on your site?
  5. Do you have a sales funnel? And if so, is it working?
  6. Are you posting on the regular? (30+ times for Pinterest, 2-3/day for Instagram, once daily for blogging, 24+ times on Twitter)
  7. Are you using Google Analytics to determine where your traffic flow stops?
  8. Are people engaging with your posts? If not, have you evaluated whether you’re making it about THEM as opposed to about YOU?
  9. Do you offer something that people just don’t need or they can get somewhere else for free?
  10. Have you invested in paid search advertising and used all free forms of website traffic opportunities?

Take some time and consider these pointers and determine if some modifications are needed. Remember to reach out and ask for help from a professional if you’re stuck or lost. There could be something easy to fix that you’re just not seeing.

One of THE BEST investments you can make with your blog is this planner workbook and planning guide. It’ll help you organize your content upgrades, plan your products, and get your content planned out. This workbook helps you get back to your core business, which is good to revisit every so often to determine if you’re on track or if you’re shifting a bit. (Both are totally ok – just need to plan for that).

So again, the traffic is out there. You just need to be consistent with your posting, your content, and make sure that it’s timely, relevant to your audience, and provides value. Quite simple when you think about it, but it’s a bit tougher to execute when you’re sitting down and looking at it with such a big project in front of you. Take it in steps. You got this!

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Incredible Designer

Kerrie has such an eye for color, placement, and so many wonderful ideas for how to build my email list...

Lorelei Layne, Author -

Website Design by Kerrie Legend

Lorelei Layne, Author -

Kerrie has such an eye for color, placement, and so many wonderful ideas for how to build my email list and how to use my website to do that. I have been so impressed with her talent. Listen to her recommendations and thoughts - she's a professional blogger! Highly recommend her for any website design project.

Totally Amazed

What Kerrie does with site designs is simply amazing. The process was easy - she has a talent for stuff...

Piper Houghes, Book Blogger -

Website Design by Kerrie Legend

Piper Houghes, Book Blogger -

What Kerrie does with site designs is simply amazing. The process was easy - she has a talent for stuff like this. My original site was looking like a trash compactor of widget overloaded mess. There's something wonderful about simplicity, and she was able to see the bigger picture on what I was trying to do. Super happy with everything she's created for me.