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Life as an entrepreneur is busy. There’s a lot that goes into running your business – marketing, interacting with customers, fulfillment – and finding that right mix of balance with business and your personal life is often a struggle. Often times, for many entrepreneurs I talk to, they’re having to spend a lot of personal time on business. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline everything so you can spend more time on your passion projects and with your family?

I’m glad you’re here. I help entrepreneurs just like you achieve success with their business by focusing on solid foundations of online presence while automating as much as possible. Imagine only spending about 4 hours a week on your online presence! To accomplish this, it’s essential to have branding, a sleek website design, sales funnels and a social media strategy.

You’ll find everything you need, along with articles from other bloggers on my Pinterest page, to help you achieve your dream business. I’ll be right here to help you along the way with whatever you need, even if it’s to bounce some ideas around.

I help entrepreneurs design and write for social media! Loves goats. Author of 12 titles. Free templates on my website!
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Are you growing as an entrepreneur? Check your analytics. If you’re flatlined or downward it may be a good time to evaluate your processes and strategy. Are you spending a ton of time blogging, posting, commenting, and liking? Maybe you feel that you think you have a strategy but even with a strategy you feel lost.

What if I told you a lot of what you’re currently doing could be scaled, batched, automated and you would grow in the process? I’ve been in your shoes. You wonder whether you’re doing the right thing, whether you’re posting on the right channels for your brand, wondering where all the magical traffic is going to come from and when. I have good news. It’s out there. It’s time to harness all that inspiration you have and simply use it to grow. We can talk about all that together and put together a brand, design and growth strategy for you.

Growth is essential as an entrepreneur. If you’re just starting out then you know how hard it is to gain traction – get followers, get website traffic, and make sales.

Even when a company plateaus it’s essential to refresh, renew and evaluate the next steps. You might be at a plateau point in your career. Would you like more growth? Perhaps you’re tired of trading dollars for hours, like many therapists, service professionals and consulting businesses are. How about changing it up and growing without adding extra work to your day?

If this sounds amazing to you, then let’s chat some more!

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You’ll find some amazing templates to help you create an amazing end-product. eBooks, resumes, Photoshop and more.


Overlays and actions help you reduce the amount of time you spend doing photo touch-ups. You’ll find some of mine right here that you can download.


If you still work for “the man” you’ll find these resume templates extremely helpful. Many are editable in Word and originate in InDesign (my favorite resume and cover letter design software).

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Kerrie has been an essential asset in identifying opportunities to create a solid brand to help me grow and market as an author.” – DK Callahan



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