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10 Ways to Ensure Growth on Instagram

growth on Instagram

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growth on instagram

People ask me sometimes via email or direct message whether or not I get hits on my website from my Instagram account. My answer? Every. Single. Day. Here are 10 ways to ensure growth on Instagram. 

Part of my strategy with Instagram is to provide beneficial tips and snippets of my blog, which in turn, leads to clicks to my website. (I know this because of Google Analytics and my WordPress dashboard). So if you’re asking yourself whether or not Instagram could work for you as a viable sales channel, my answer to you is absolutely YES.

I get conversions all the time with Instagram. I keep it informative, sprinkle in a little fun every once in a while with an inspirational quote, promote my book(s) from time to time, and then mostly provide great content which keeps people coming back for more. I have a strategy which requires my images to be styled, textured, layered, and have a consistent image to them. Notice the blue, white and grey theme I have going on? A more relaxed, luxurious lifestyle tone? That’s my style, and Instagram is the perfect place for me to show people what kind of theme blogger I really am – keeping things relaxed, luxurious and positive.

Today I thought I would give you 10 ways that you can ensure growth on Instagram. Follow these and believe me, you’ll see the growth I have experienced, as well.

  1. If you are small (under 1000), find an instapod group or start one to help people engage and like your posts.
  2. Always use 11-30 hashtags that are relevant, put it in the first comment area, and make sure they haven’t been shadow-banned.
  3. Like posts and comment on others’ photos. I like to use an automation service for this. Sendible is a great tool to use for auto-liking and auto-following. It’ll auto-unfollow after 72 hours if the person doesn’t follow you back.
  4. Create a theme with your Instagram account. Stick to branded colors and designated fonts. It helps people come to understand your style and what they can expect from your account.
  5. Post 1-2 times per day.
  6. Use Tailwind to schedule and organize your layout. They have a feature in their Instagram module where you can see how your images are going to lay out once they are all posted. It’s a great tool to have. Use my link in this tip and get a free month of service.
  7. Don’t just post the picture. Put in a description, where they can find more information, and give them an incentive to follow the link in your profile.
  8. You don’t have to use it exclusively for taking pictures. If you suck at photography or getting the perfect image, you can design it so that it’s a reflection of your website, as well. That’s how I use mine. I have another separate account for my photography business, and that one has its own followers and does well, too. But I like what I’m doing with my account and it’s been really fun watching it grow.
  9. Say thank you! This week @hubspot found me and liked one of my posts. That’s a real honor! I went back, tagged and thanked them for stopping by. Make sure you interact with your followers and thank them for being there. They’ll stick around.
  10. Mix up the hashtags – depending on what your ideal audience is (and don’t just say “anybody”), you may want to try out some different hashtags if the ones you are using are not working for you. Try using the max number of hashtags in your picture’s topic genre and see what happens.

I know there are a TON of different articles out there with tips, but these are mine and what have worked for me. Other articles that you might want to check out:

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I hope these will help you in your pursuit for a great experience with using Instagram. I have so much fun with mine! Drop by anytime and say hello and tag me with your account so I can follow you.

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