100 Pinterest Marketing Business Tips

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100 Pinterest Marketing Business Tips covers my very best tips for marketing with Pinterest, including some aspects of blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and writing excellent copy.

Loved writing this book on Pinterest marketing business tips! You’ll find this helpful if you’re starting out with Pinterest and don’t have a firm handle on it yet. Includes tips not found in Pinterest Marketing. This is one of those succinct, to-the-point type books with instruction you can put into play straight away. Plus, it addresses some commonly found misinformation and clears some things up.

If you haven’t embarked on the Pinterest journey yet for marketing your business, it’s not too late. New Pinterest business users are starting this year and finding great success. And, traffic is definitely up early this year–there’s an uptick in traffic in early August, which is about 3 months earlier than normal. Great signs for success to come in the fall/winter months!

I’d love for you to check this new book out! One of my favorite points is about “intense interests” and how that plays into your business model, so you can do and blog about things that will bring you joy every single day. Pinterest marketing is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, and I think you’ll love it too once you see how much web traffic and new business you can get from it.

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