Pinterest Marketing – the New Book

Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months reveals my journey in building a blog, marketing it, and how I grew.

The best Pinterest Marketing book has officially dropped! After years of researching, testing, documenting, reading, and A/B splits, I’m happy to present this book of my journey with Pinterest to you.

I love Pinterest with a passion. The reason for this passionate interest with this platform is that I’ve found my people there. I’m not required to entertain comments, deal with any drama, it’s a safe zone (free from politics, religious debates, racism, etc.) It’s the perfect marketing tool for busy introverts who don’t actually like social media platforms.

I discovered Pinterest when it first came out, but never used it as a marketing tool. I had no idea back in 2014 that it could be used for my first blog, which was about goats, goat milk soaps and healthy handmade soaps. But, as you investigate, learn, and spread your wings, amazing things can happen. Especially when you make a visual platform like Pinterest an intense focus of your day.

I wrote a book about Pinterest, detailing what it takes from the very beginning of creating a business account to discussing how to grow your traffic on there. I’ve included the book’s blurb (synopsis) below so you can see if this a book you might want to learn from.

The Book Blurb

Pin great images. Check.

Use quality keyword phrases. Check.

Follow boards and profiles that your audience will love. Check.

You’ve done everything the experts have said to do, but are only getting marginal traffic on your website on Pinterest. What about amplification? How do you reach over 1 million, 5 million, or even 10 million viewers on a regular basis?

Pinterest Marketing and Amplifying Your Pinterest Reach

In addition, this Pinterest marketing book teaches you the fundamentals of building a huge Pinterest account that brings over 400k monthly page views and 75 user sessions each and every month.

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Basic to Intermediate Tutorial

Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months focuses not just on the basic aspects of growing your blog into a business, but also how to amplify your Pinterest reach so that your website receives hundreds of thousands of viewers daily, growing your email list and makes the conversion from visitor to happy customer.

Find out exactly how to reach over 10 million monthly viewers regularly with the 3 key things Kerrie Legend discovered in testing over 10 accounts and working with bloggers and writers just like you.

There are three critical things that took accounts from growing in followers from single digits a day to over a hundred daily, increased monthly views, and brought higher conversion to domain pins.

Pinterest has been through a lot of changes in the past year. It’s growing. It’s evolving, and looking at an IPO in 2019. And you can use this powerful search engine to grow and evolve your business as well, from one that is constantly marketing on the outbound to focusing on inbound marketing. If your email newsletter list is suffering or you’re not growing as fast as you’d like with your business, this is the book for you.

Why Pinterest for Bloggers?

Why Pinterest? Pinterest is an incredible search engine tool that is perfect for bloggers and marketers to grow their businesses online. The trouble is, most website owners either do not have their Pinterest account set up correctly or are not using Pinterest to gain followers, grow their blog and get free website traffic.

Imagine a situation or your life if you could… Grow your online traffic and social media following like you couldn’t imagine in just an hour a week. Constantly draw in new clients and customers (not to mention traffic) who are excited to hear what you have to say and are more than willing to share it with their friends and followers.

A blogger’s dream, right?! Become the online leader in your area of expertise. Be the go-to person for in-the-know. Have a social media following that you can rely on to engage with you. To buy your products, services, etc. Have business growth without spending money on ads. Allow orders to come in and be able to pinpoint exactly where the traffic is coming from.

Have extra hours in your day to create amazing content. Engage with your audience and spend time enjoying life away from your blog, knowing it will continue growing even while you aren’t working (maybe even sleeping!). Practically everything you do will become automated, and you can sit back, smile and go do other fun things.

Some “experts” will say that growing your blog takes a substantial amount of time. I’d have to agree with that to extent. But growing a blog and getting traffic to it are two different things. And you’re not going to be able to tell if what you’re growing is a viable topic or anything people are actually interested in without blog traffic.

Pinterest Helps You Build Your Blog

I have spent 2 years of my life “building” my blog – but a lot of that was writing content, doing graphics, website design, organizing it, etc. You know. The business of blogging. But that’s all image and content, and not traffic.

I had “ok” traffic for a blogger. Good sales, decent income from it, etc. But what I was really missing was the HEAVY traffic that I wanted. Because when you spend so much time building, writing and curating content for your blog, you want people actually reading what you have to say, right?

That’s where Pinterest, as a blogger, comes in really handy.

In December 2018, I carved out a plan to build my Pinterest account to a higher level. Within three months, I had built website traffic to my blog from 75k page views a month to over 450k page views a month. I heavily focused my attention to my analytics, which dictated what kind of content my followers were really interested in, and within three months, I had grown on Pinterest from an 80k monthly viewers account (which fluctuated regularly between 50k to 180k / month) to 14+ million in monthly viewers, which is the number that signifies your ability to reach people. 

Parting Thoughts on Pinterest Marketing Book

I’d love for you to check out this book and have it help you grow your Pinterest account. This book is for beginner marketers on Pinterest, who desire growth and website traffic. I do have an intermediate book, called Pinterest Marketing Amplification, on which I based my course. A third book, Pinterest Marketing 2021, shares the necessary updates from 2020-2021 and changes Pinterest made to the algorithm.

Alternatively, if you prefer live walkthroughs and hands-on tutorials with more in-depth explanations, check out the Pinterest Marketing & Amplification course.

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