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4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Today

Today I'm going to show you 4 social media marketing tricks you must try today. Now, you might not have tried these easy tricks yet.

Greetings, everyone! Today I’m going to show you 4 social media marketing tricks you must try today. Now, some of you might be ahead of the 8-ball on this and haven’t tried these yet. Regardless, if you’ve tried them before then I’m just reinforcing the importance of each key point.

This is a quick and dirty read, because I know your time is valuable. Implement these 4 steps today and I can almost guarantee a difference in your website traffic and overall sales.

  1. Submit your article to Stumbleupon to get website traffic absolutely free. This is a great way to get new people to your website and potentially sign up for your blog or whatever you have on your sales funnel page.
  2. Refer to your blog on your Instagram post. Let people know what you’re talking about on your site. you’d be surprised to find out just how many clicks to my website I get just from mentioning my blog and the tips/tricks I’ve recently posted.
  3. Use the Print Friendly & PDF Google Chrome extension and then print your blog post to a PDF. Then submit your PDF to Slideshare. You’ll be getting views of your posts right there – but also be sure to add them to your LinkedIn business profile. Did you know that LinkedIn has one of the top-rated sharing metrics of all the social media platforms? Yup, that’s right. Top sharing goes to LinkedIn, not Facebook.
  4. Join Tailwind Tribes. Submit your Pinterest pins of your blog posts to your tribe and they’ll get shared. Sooooo many people haven’t taken advantage of tribes yet and I’m just astonished as to why not. All the pins I submit get reshared and distributed all over Pinterest, and they go a bit viral after I do that. So if you’re not hooked up with Tribes yet, be sure to do that and you’ll find people willing to share your stuff.

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