Artful Agenda Calendar Planner & Mobile App

Artful Agenda is a new calendar app that syncs with a ton of different online account calendars in the most gorgeous way!

If you love pretty calendars, stickers, and list-making, there’s an app (online and mobile) that you’ll absolutely love, and it’s called Artful Agenda. It’s a digital calendar, mixed with a digital planner. Using Artful Agenda makes planning enjoyable!

You can get a free trial to try it out, and the monthly cost is just $3.99. I personally think that’s a bargain given everything it does (and in such a pretty, easy way!) Artful Agenda offers monthly and annual plans.

You can even track your water intake, meal plan with it, and stay inspired with daily weekly and monthly quotes.

Use my referral code Rk65828 when you sign up so you can get exclusive stickers and covers unlocked absolutely free. (Hint – nice little bonus!)

Finish your list item, and it crosses it out in one click. Easily create subitems just by using the tab button. Create as many lists as you want – from groceries to projects, and bucket lists. I love how it integrates with my iPhone’s alerts and syncs so seamlessly well.

The listicle cross-out when complete feature carries over into all the views of the calendar, making it easy to remind yourself of things that have yet to be completed. Feels pretty good seeing everything crossed off, too. Kind of addicting, really!

Other thoughts…

You can also choose which calendar things get posted on, so if you have to manage different calendars between family members, this is an excellent way to sync everything together in a stylish way.

I’m loving my calendar, and it has made it so easy to consolidate a lot of things I would have created in Evernote or Notes, or even emailed to myself, into one single app that integrates with my existing tech. So, if you’re like me and need alerts but really enjoy drag-and-drop calendar planning (and STICKERS!), then be sure to check out this app. I’m diggin it! I think you will, too.

Artful Agenda is by far my favorite calendar planner system on an app. If you’re a writer like me you’ll enjoy the organization aspect of it. I think you’ll love it, too. Between the stickers, and the online list-making area, to the fact that your to-do list moves forward to the next day automatically if it doesn’t get checked off, I have come to love this as my primary digital calendar and digital planner.

Finally, just a quick note on how I found this gem of an app. I stumbled on it from a Facebook ad post, and was instantly hooked. Sometimes those ads really pay off with a click!

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