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Become a Successful Blogger

How to become a successful blogger - it starts with a social media strategy for brand awareness, and building your blog.

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by Creating a Social Media Strategy

Yesterday I talked about being truly productive by starting with a strategy every day. How does a blogger or writer develop a strategy?

Remember the 4 questions that are involved in establishing a strategy from yesterday’s post? Right. So let’s start with those:

  1. Where do you compete? (Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’, etc.)
  2. What unique value do you bring to those markets? (What you blog about, what is unique and what you offer for a price)
  3. What resources and capabilities do you utilize? (You’re obviously talented at something!)
  4. How do you sustain your value? (How do you keep it going?)

Jot down your answers to the above questions. We’re on our way to creating your strategy.

Now – we’re going to put some goals to those questions.

  1. How many followers do I want to gain per day on each channel? What am I willing to do to grow to expand my audience? I want to have _____ amount of “likes” per week and _____ amount of retweets.
  2. How can I build a unique product that solves a problem? I’m going to create ____ amount of products that fit that solution by _____ date. I will develop a message about what I offer by listening to my ideal customer and what they want.
  3. I’m going to use my talents as a _____ to develop this product. I will reach out to _____ for help with what I can’t create on my own. My goal is to be known for _____.
  4. Keep the productivity high and workload to only 8-10 hours a month on maintaining my product and developing a new one. I’m going to work on my blog 5-10 hours a week to improve image, and blog daily.

From there, you can create tasks around your strategy and goals. Only you will know what tasks need to be done to achieve your goals and make your strategy a successful one. If you put this in place, work it, and follow through, trust me… you’re going to succeed.

create your lead magnet

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