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kerrie legend

kerrie legend

Writer, published author, and graphic designer who helps brands create memorable lead magnets. Sales conversion Pinterest expert. Mom to get 6 adorable boys; wife of Joe, drone videographer pilot.

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Pinterest Visual Search Tool

How to Use Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool

Use the Pinterest Visual Search Tool for a variety of reasons! Learn more about the ways I personally use it in my business and what you can learn from the results.

How to Integrate Flodesk with Elementor

Still using HTML and color adjustments in Flodesk to match your website? Have Elementor? Find out how to quickly use Forms in Elementor to integrate quickly with Flodesk without any design hassle whatsoever.

Pinterest Changes for 2020

Pinterest recently came out and said they’re going to favor and place more preference on new images and content rather than old pins. Read my opinions on some things floating around out there!

Pinterest Tips for Authors

Because Pinterest is such a visual medium, it’s essential authors understand how to best market themselves with images rather than words!

Blush Plush Lightroom Presets

Features and Favorites: preset 11 will help you correct over-exposed whites and warm up the skin tone (perfect for overly bright scenes). Preset 1 (featured in mother/daughter image) is one of my favorites for all-around application.

Pinning Others’ Pins on Pinterest

There’s been a decent amount of debate recently on various blogs about whether or not, as a Pinterest marketer, you need to pin other peoples’ and brands’ pins.
Some say, “yes, but no”.
Other say, “yes”.
And there’s a rare few that say “no”.
As an expert with Pinterest marketing, and having written the #1 preferred book on the topic, I’ll put this matter to bed for you once and for all and support my position on this with reasons.

What Are the Best Schedulers to Use?

It took me a long time to realize the truth: you don’t necessarily need the most expensive schedulers to get what you want posted effectively, and with ease. And… you can save time with one specific feature that few schedulers offer. When I think about all the time and money I wasted setting up and trying out various schedulers…

Lady Boss Canva Template Bundle Set

The Lady Boss Canva Template set is here! This template bundle designed for Canva features over 500 templates for your brand.

170+ Ideas for Email Content

Ideas galore for email marketing content! Check out these amazing prompts to get your readers looking forward to your emails

100 Email Headlines for Higher Open Rates

Struggling with coming up with email headlines that your readers will actually take action on? Check out this amazing workbook filled with all kinds of email subject line ideas!

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins

These 10 plugins are ones I use for my WordPress blog, and I couldn’t run my multiple websites without them in place. Here are my favorites!

Pinterest Marketing Amplification – the Book

Pinterest Marketing Amplification is the sequel book to Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months. Read about the 7 methods to amplify your Pinterest account so you can better reach your ideal audience.

just be you on pinterest, just be you

Quantity vs. Quality Content?

What should you focus on more? Quality content or quantity? How do you balance quality writing with needing to put out a lot of content? Here are some arguments and thoughts on the matter.

100 Pinterest Marketing Business Tips

Looking for quality Pinterest marketing business tips? Here’s 100 that you should know if you’re starting out on Pinterest. New book release for a quick read and high-level tips to get you started in the right direction.

Pinterest Marketing Amplification Book

Pinterest Marketing Amplification – the Sequel

Pinterest Marketing Amplification is the sequel book to Pinterest Marketing: 80k to 14+ million in 3 months. Learn about the 7 methods of marketing amplification so you can reach your ideal audience.

Email Marketing Magic eBook Workbook Canva Template Bundle | Lead Magnets Sales Funnels Opt-In Freebie Content Upgrades

Email Marketing Magic

The evil blank cursor taunts you from a white screen as you try to figure out what to send your email list.
Your freebie incentive just isn’t working. You get maybe a few signups every month, but the unsubscribes cancel out your growth. You’re not growing your email list.
You know that email sequences work, but yours is sad, pitiful, or it’s not bringing in sales like you had hoped.

Are Pinterest Monthly Views a Vanity Metric?

There’s been some debate online on whether Pinterest monthly views are a vanity metric or not. So today, let’s open this up and debate this from a few different angles, so you can decide for yourself, once and for all, if you actually believe the Pinterest “experts” that make this

7 methods of Pinterest amplification

7 Methods of Pinterest Amplification

One of the things I teach in my Pinterest Amplification course is the 7 methods of Pinterest amplification. This is not taught by anyone else, and is exclusive to the Pinterest Amplification course. It has an incredible impact not just on traffic but pre-qualified follower growth, as well. Essentially, the

creative market, creative market review, online marketplace, shop on creative market

Why I’ll Never Recommend Creative Market for Creatives

My official Creative Market online marketplace review! Creative Market seems like it would be a great place for creative types to be and open shop. Think again. Having been with them for over 3 years, with a successful shop with several 5-star reviews, I closed up shop on their platform for a multitude of reasons. Here are some pretty big reasons why I’ll never recommend Creative Market for creatives, my Creative Market online marketplace review.

Must-Have Author Software

Today I thought I would highlight some author software that I use to make my writing experiences top-notch, creating happiness where there is work, and quality, finished products where there is so much to compile. Author software is just one of those things you have to invest in. So instead

Homemade BBQ Sauce of Legends

This is a BBQ sauce that is light, easy to spread, and better yet, uses recycled or repurposed pickle juice from your empty pickle jars.

Now you have something cool to make with leftover pickle juice!

The secret trick to this amazing BBQ sauce is in the recycled pickle juice brine that you can use from an empty jar of pickles. We’ve found the best kind to be the Vlassic Zesty, for that special kind of kick. You can also add some heat with the red pepper flakes, but that is completely optional.

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