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New Canva Template – Lifestyle Solitude

Announcing the arrival of the "Lifestyle Solitude" Canva template! This is a quiet, minimalist Canva template designed for lifestyle bloggers.

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Announcing the arrival of the “Lifestyle Solitude” Canva template! This is a quiet, minimalist Canva template designed for lifestyle bloggers.

This set is available in a variety of different page counts, ranging from 10 to 100. A full 500+ Canva template set is planned! This could make for a truly beautiful, simplistic and stylish Canva ebook.

In creating this Lifestyle Solitude Canva template, I kept in mind that sometimes less is more. Allowing the text to be succinct is sometimes the beauty element in a highly visual template.

I fell in love with the simplicity of this design, and airy use of space. Sometimes, less is truly more. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the entire store for all of my special Canva templates. Start creating gorgeous lead magnets and value-adds for your readers!

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to grow your email list with subscribers who actually want what you’re offering but… you may struggle when it comes to creating them. That’s why I create templates to make things easier for my readers to attract their own audience and provide them with value-added content.

If this theme interests you, you can visit the shop to download your own copy of the Lifestyle Solitude Canva Template to use for ebooks, workbooks, lead magnets, welcome kits, and more. The 100-page set also has a 14-day challenge kit with it, which is a great addition to your arsenal of marketing materials. It’s one of my favorites, and hope you absolutely love it.

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