Flodesk Checkouts – a Hit or Miss?

If you’re using Flodesk for your email marketing endeavors, you may have noticed or been included in the Beta version of “Checkouts” by Flodesk.

Flodesk created the ability to have customers from your email list go to a landing page system they created to check out. This also means you would upload your digital content or use a specific system for booking appointments, etc. as part of integrating with Flodesk.

This is a new development for the Flodesk team, and while I think it was good for those just starting out with blogging and ecommerce, it falls flat for those entrepreneurs and bloggers with already-established websites and full ecommerce solutions. I’ll explain.

Flodesk Checkouts uses their own landing page creator, which means the landing page comes up with a Flodesk domain URL, which means that your own website is not gaining any traffic or reaping the rewards of your efforts; the Flodesk domain is. And, the minute you start diverting traffic to a 3rd party source and not your own for orders and traffic means you lose leverage. You now have 2 different areas you have to check for customer service on orders and a separate landing page to maintain.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know my opinion about 3rd party landing pages. Don’t use them. Keep everything in-house.

Why not just use a landing page designed on your own website and hook in Stripe just like Flodesk is using? Keep things simple and organized?

For the beginner who doesn’t have a website, this solution that Flodesk created would work for a while. Or it could be ideal for one-off products without a domain attached. But what about the credibility of having a website presence? While the lure is that you can sell without a website, I’m not sure why any creator wouldn’t want to have one.

And with Flodesk Checkouts and that lure of running a business without a website domain, you still run into the problem of building that email list (where on what platform do they sign up?) and maintaining orders without a website presence of your own.

So I think this new development is actually a “miss” for creators who subscribe to Flodesk. What I would have liked to see instead of landing pages is a direct checkout solution from an email blast. That would actually have some value for creators who already have Stripe integrated with their website, and I think conversion would be higher for them.

Landing pages? A miss. Email checkout integration? A win. Hopefully Flodesk will see the light on that soon and create that solution.

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