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Pinterest Strategy Book

The new "Pinterest Strategy" book is now live on Amazon. Focus on your Pinterest marketing strategy or learn new pinteresting strategies!

How to Leverage the 2nd Most Powerful Search Engine to Build Your Email List, Make More Sales & Establish Your Niche

Happy news! The new “Pinterest Strategy” book is now live on Amazon. This is a completely *new* book based on the first one I published, which will help you create a better Pinterest traffic strategy, or create more “pinteresting strategies”. Pinterest has been through a lot of changes in the past year. BoardBooster closed, which was a blow to the hip and heart for many of us marketers that were die-hard BoardBooster users. Creating a Pinterest marketing strategy for some might seem daunting, and it’s true, there’s a lot to know, but you can do it, too!

Pinterest is growing. It’s evolving. Honestly, it’s becoming the most relevant and necessary marketing tool for any advertiser. And all these changes and new strategies that marketers can leverage needed to be documented, tested, and discussed in this new book.

Pinterest Strategy: Your New Marketing Focus

There is so much to learn with all the new changes. This book doubled in size from the first book “Learn Pinterest Strategy”. It still gives you insight on how to build and establish your niche, but in this book, I take it multiple steps further and talk about:

  • What to pin each month
  • Manual vs. automated pinning
  • Pinterest best practices
  • My 60+ best Pinterest tips
  • What to do when your Pinterest marketing strategy isn’t working
  • How to clean up your Pinterest boards without losing followers
  • How to use hashtags on Pinterest
  • How to upload video to Pinterest
  • How to create a Pinterest marketing funnel
  • Trends for Pinterest each month
  • Monthly tips and action tasks
  • Business tips like specific pinning challenges, converting Pinterest traffic to sales, optimizing sponsored content for Pinterest, Pinterest KPIs, how to A/B test Pinterest pins
  • Four (4) things to do before you start pinning on Pinterest
  • Busting the Pinterest myths
  • and I answer a lot of the questions you probably have had about Pinterest

Pinterest Traffic Strategy

Looking for more web traffic? Changing your tactics by using a Pinterest traffic strategy could be your cure-all. You can use this powerful search engine to grow and evolve your business as well, from one that is constantly marketing on the outbound to focusing on inbound marketing. 

If your email newsletter list is suffering or you’re not growing as fast as you’d like with your business, this is the book for you. A new Pinterest marketing strategy will help you get more qualified signups and customers. Pinteresting strategies are just that–interesting strategies that you can gleam from Pinterest analytics.

This book is my new “baby”. I hope you love it – a lot of heart, love, knowledge and experience went into writing it. Official release date: October 2, 2018.

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