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Pinterest Tip #12 – Using Secret Boards

Use Pinterest secret boards to hide pending projects, and still use Pinterest for personal use without it impacting your business brand.

Use Pinterest secret boards to hide stuff you don’t want your readers to see or that may be irrelevant to your audience. Just because you may not see a ton of recipes on my boards doesn’t mean I don’t have recipes stored on my Pinterest account. I don’t talk about recipes and food on my main blog, so I keep recipes for my family to try and make in a secret board so my viewers don’t see it.

They probably don’t need to see my long list of charcuterie boards and cupcake recipes. But because I have decided to create a charcuterie book of some of my best board layouts from a design aspect, they’re becoming relevant. You may find that your boards will go in and out of relevance as your blog evolves, changes, grows, and perhaps, becomes even more niched out.

Keeping your boards clean and free of irrelevant content makes it super easy to clean up your boards in the future. Secret boards are also perfect for storing upcoming project ideas or blog post ideas that you don’t want people to know about yet. Also, keep “WIP” projects secret, as your board titles may not make any sense or be great for search purposes.

A Pinterest secret board will also help you use Pinterest as a regular pinner without it disrupting your brand. So anything that is not relevant to your brand or website needs to be marked as a ‘secret board’. Keep all your weirdo collections like Hello Kitty or WonderWoman and other obsessions secret. Not that they’re not interesting (confession-I have a ton of secret boards like this) but they’re just not relevant to your goals on Pinterest as a business. 

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