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Pinterest Tip #16 – Your Brand Board

The most important board on your Pinterest account is your brand board. Why? It represents your mission, product, and worldview.

The most important board on Pinterest – your brand board. The first board people see on your profile should be a board reserved exclusively for your own content. This board should also be added to your showcase (the rotating feature setting where you can feature five of your boards). You’ll want to post your own content in your other boards, as well, but it’s important to have your first board highlighting all of your website and blog content.

How I pin to my brand boards & other boards

I pin all my content to my own Pinterest brand board first. My primary one is labeled, which includes pins that go directly to my own domain. I pin all the stuff from my blog to my own boards, typically my brand board so I pin there first. From there, I pin my content to my group boards at a 1:1 ratio as a fresh pin.

If you apply a simple philosophy of “feed yourself first” to your Pinterest strategy, it’ll make more sense. Pin your most important reader-facing material in your primary brand board. Then, pin to your other brand boards that your pin is related to content-wise. From there, you can pin or share it with your group boards and communities. But pin to your own boards first (aka, feed yourself first).

Pinning Recommendations

Your primary brand board should include a collection of your website’s landing pages, blog posts, regular web pages, products, lead magnets, brand pictures, and more. A healthy blend of all of these will help you establish an overall view of your business and what you’re all about with your Pinterest audience.

Always be the first to pin a pin that leads to your domain, especially a pin that belongs on your brand board. The reason behind this is, you have control over the meta data (description) of that pin, and it’s linked to your profile, as well.

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