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Pinterest Tip #2 – Enable Rich Pins

Pinterest rich pins add your website name and your blog post title to every single pin from your website. Their metadata can be updated.

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Be sure to enable Rich Pins. Rich Pins are the way to go, and there are several reasons. The wonderful part about Rich Pins is that their metadata can be updated with any update you make to a page description. Prior to Rich Pins, pins on Pinterest would often include outdated information, such as pricing, page description, and so on. Now, with the newest updates in place from their platform given all the changes in the past years, if you change the price on a product, every single pin of that item on Pinterest will automatically update, making it easy to keep customers satisfied and up-to-date with the most recent information.

Pinterest rich pins add your website name and your blog post title to every single pin from your website. This creates awesome brand recognition where people see your blog pot title or your content title. They see your brand or blog name right below the pin and it just creates that kind of recognition where they see it in their feed and they start to recognize your name or your blog post title. You definitely want to get rich pins after you apply and get approved for a business account. This is just going to amplify your Pinterest account and help you start to rank higher in the Pinterest feed. It’s totally worth it.

It all starts with a title. Titles are important because they are often what get people to click through. Once you enable rich pins, they’ll also be prominently displayed below each of your pins. The title of your post is going to be displayed in bold text below your pin. So you want your title to be enticing and persuasive and interesting in order to get people to want to click it.

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