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Pinterest Tip #9 – Pin Descriptions

Pin descriptions matter on Pinterest! Learn how to balance keyword stuffing and writing by learning how to write a pin description.

Full descriptions in your pins is best. You’re allotted about 500 characters for your Pinterest pin descriptions. Use all of the available space given to you. Pinners will only see a short preview, so be sure to wow them with the first sentence, followed with some hashtags. Below you’ll also learn about a thing called ‘keyword stuffing’, something you’ll want to avoid doing as you learn how to write pin descriptions. Don’t worry – the Smart Feed and search engine will read your whole description; not just your preview.

Where a lot of business Pinterest account pinners make a mistake with Pinterest pin descriptions is not using full sentences, and just stuffing the field with a ton of keywords, also known as keyword stuffing. If you do this, you’re doing your reader a disservice. Readers, or your Pinterest audience, will want to read coherent sentences attached to your pin.

There’s an art to writing pin descriptions. You have to balance working in a lot of applicable keywords (because I know if you’re intensely interested in succeeding in Pinterest marketing that you’ve established a whole ton of keywords) into coherent sentences, without sounding like you’re keyword-stuffing.

Your Pinterest pin description will be limited in character length, so be sure to use great phrases and full sentences, preferably. And try not to overwhelm your users with a ton of hashtags. Stick to 3-6 Pinterest hashtags at most. Having a great description is much more important than how many hashtags you use.

Writing descriptions for Pinterest takes some time to master to come naturally; take the time to practice! With practice, your writing skills will improve and you’ll be able to properly label your pins with ease and confidence. I know you’ll have fun doing this exercise and feel good about mastering this skill!

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