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Where you’ll find me the most helpful in getting blog business help is my experience and knowledge about Pinterest marketing. My book on Pinterest marketing is the #1 preferred book on the topic, because of the depth of detail as well as insight into how to grow your account and web traffic with all the changes Pinterest is going through. If you’re struggling with blog traffic, I recommend that as an immediate must-read.

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create your lead magnet

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Hey, I’m Kerrie Legend. I’m determined to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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She is a writer, graphic designer, and Pinterest nerd. BFA in Graphic Design, a BS in Marketing, and minored in computer science, Spanish, and Business Administration. Classical pianist. Prolific and bestselling author of Pinterest Marketing, and boundary-pushing template creator. Goat wrangler and mommy to six adorable boys.

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create your lead magnet

A 60+ page interactive comprehensive guide and workbook to help you master the art of creating lead magnets.

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