Brand Storytelling Prompts – The Ultimate List

Looking for a list of brand storytelling ideas or prompts?

If you’ve been looking for examples of brand storytelling prompts, ideas, or a list to use to share dozens of stories about your business, you’ve found the perfect place to get it! But first, let’s talk about Mallory, who is an emerging business owner looking to start launching her brand.

Meet Mallory, a Blogger

Mallory has all kinds of ideas for digital products. After sharing some of her ideas with me along with the mockup examples, I asked her how she was going to launch them. Her email list is under 50. Okay, we can work with that. No problem.

She has a fantastic Twitter presence, but her website is pretty much empty–only a few brand stories. It’s like a shell. There’s nothing about it that even the most desperate crab would find appealing about it.

Mallory is in a bit of a pickle. She’s just another storefront in a sea of digital creators. She needs to stand out like the Loch Ness in shallow waters, shining brightly for everyone to see and admire.

Mallory knows that telling brand stories will help her connect with her audience. She has read about it all over Pinterest, in a few books, and knows it’s something she *should* do. She also knows that simply emailing out her new products each week is not a sustainable or meaningful way to connect with her audience.

Mallory knows she needs to integrate more stories into her marketing plans.

But every time she sits down to write something, Mallory ends up staring at a blank screen. What do I even write about that doesn’t come across as overly promotional? she wonders.

The Dry Creative Well (aka Writer’s Block)

Ah, yes, the dry creative well that often plagues writers of all kinds.

Which brand stories work best for social media, blog posts, and email sequences? How can I talk about my brand without seeming like I’m being pushy about my products and services? Will a story about my community or local coffee shop resonate with my audience? What works?

Happy news; they all work. You just need some prompts to get that creative brain of yours working.

Perhaps you’re like Mallory, fishing in an endless sea for ideas instead of focusing on the small barrel of fish sitting right in front of you. Sometimes it’s easier to write when you’re prompted rather than having to drum up ideas.

I myself searched high and low for some sort of recommended list of brand storytelling prompts when I started blogging. There wasn’t one. So over the years, I’ve collected ideas and started writing them down.

More importantly, I addressed the challenge of integrating emotions into those storytelling prompts, because I understand what happens in the brain [tons of chemical reactions] when someone begins to tell a story using an emotion word I can relate to. Like sadness, frustration, outrage, disgust, joy, happiness, uncertainty, and all of the other words that describe our feelings.

Introducing Story Origins

So what I put together is called Story Origins. It’s an emotion-based brand storytelling resource for social media, email sequence funnels, blog posts, and creative content. Within this ebook resource [there’s also a Trello board available] there are 10 types of brand storytelling prompts for you to use and write about. It has over 200+ brand storytelling prompts that will help you talk about:

  • your brand’s journey
  • brand values, purpose, mission, & vision
  • the brand’s promise
  • the “why” question about why you are in business with your brand
  • client / customer / community
  • mistakes, setbacks & triumphs you’ve had along the way
  • teachable lessons to instruct your audience or provide tutorials
  • seasonal brand content to celebrate the seasons and holidays
  • your brand’s products and services
  • how you strive to be honest, transparent & authentic with your brand
Story Origins - emotion-based brand storytelling for social media, email sequence funnels, blog posts, and creative content

If you’re like me, and want to use stories to connect more with your audience, this will definitely help. Brand storytelling prompts are essential to plan out your content and win over your audience. Because I struggled at first with how to introduce my brand, this is something that I wish had been available when I first got started blogging. And, it would have made my brand evolution, story and explanation of what my brand is intended to achieve that much easier.

Where to Get Story Origins & Brand Story Ideas

Interested in the Trello board? I have that option, as well! It separates type of story [content type and purpose] into 10 different lists.

Brand storytelling prompts Trello board

This ebook and Trello resource is designed with over 200 brand stories prompts to help you make brand storytelling easy and thoughtful. It helps keep your end user in mind, and focuses on what they might be most interested in.

Use these prompts on your social media posts [perfect for Instagram, by the way!], web blog posts, your InstaStories, Pinterest pin stories, YouTube videos, emails to your audience–anything your heart desires.

I hope you enjoy this fantastic resource! – Kerrie

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