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How Double Opt-In Impacts Your Email List

This one thing, the double opt-in, could be hurting your email list in a big way, and could be hurting your sales, too.

in a BIG Way (& Preventing Sales)

You work hard and diligently to try to get people to sign up for your email list, so I’m sure you don’t want to blow it where it matters most. What are we talking about? The double opt-in email. What is double opt-in? It’s the second email your reader has to confirm in order to get your lead magnet. I’ll give you a double opt in email example down below.

So you know how sometimes experts say it’s not about the software, it’s about the process or the system in place? Well, sometimes, it’s a bit of both, actually.

Suppose you make the effort to get your audience to a landing page. And then right at the last part where you finally get your subscriber, your process trips it up and ruins it for you. That’s exactly what the double opt in email has the potential to do.

I loathe double opt in emails. With a passion!

I’m going to show you how one little detail could be impacting the growth of your email list in a big way. Yes, one little detail. That’s all it takes for someone to say, “On second thought, I’ll pass. Too much work.” or “Again? Really? I’m not clicking another link.”

Here’s what you could be doing wrong with your email signup process

Here’s the scenario. You get them to click on one of your links. You offer something in exchange for their email address. They plop their email address in the box and hit the “Submit” button or whatever you have there. Then, the worst thing happens. A page flashes up. Here’s a double opt in email example:

MailChimp Screenshot

This one little thing may be keeping people from receiving your goodies. See, not only did you create another step by requiring a double opt-in process (yes, I know this can help combat spam, blah blah blah) but unless they actually take the initiative to go to their email inbox and click on the link you just sent them, you’re not going to be able to deliver any emails to them going forward.

Double Opt-in is a Distraction

How many times have you been on your phone browsing and see a pin or article with a free checklist or freebie and signed up for it? Me, hundreds of times. I have never, not once, verified my email address after getting to one of these pages. They’re super annoying.

And if they’re annoying for me, there are probably thousands of people just like me who will not go back into their inbox, inundated with email blasts galore, to click on the link. They’ll just move on. You just lost a subscriber and potential buyer.

Here’s another reason why this is bad: you’re missing out on what could have been a thank you page or upgrade page. Or an opportunity to deliver more value or tell them about the upcoming class you’re having or your latest sale.

Sell your book. Or a product. This one little thing is keeping your list from growing, my friends. I guarantee it. How do I know?

Why Double Opt-in is Terrible

I hate these pages. With a passion. And I’m not the only one who feels this way about these pages and forms. Think about all those people that might have signed up for your report, your ebook, or checklist, that never got it because it was just a hassle to click into another email to verify and then wait some more to get what you promised to deliver.

The sad part is… MailChimp and other platforms like it will never let you know how many you missed out on. I can’t say for sure if other email marketing platforms are the same way, but I have a feeling they are.

  • You’re making them do more work to get what you already offered
  • They may be busy and completely forget to click on the link in the email – so now you’ve become forgotten!
  • They don’t like the look and feel of the verification page and decide what you offer probably isn’t all that worth it

This issue of the forced double opt-in is just one of the reasons I left MailChimp altogether and moved my whole operation to Ontraport. I had given ClickFunnels a try, but I think we’re all pretty much aware that ClickFunnels has become a major gateway for spam and has been blocked by AdBlocker already.

I had random people with all sorts of weird email addresses signing up and when you visited the domain, it didn’t even exist. They were all spam accounts.

So long story short, I quickly said “adios” to ClickFunnels after experiencing what many other people like Reese at Yes Supply Co. had also reported happening to their website, as well. Flodesk is the classiest version of an email marketing and sales funnel system that you’re going to find, in my opinion. But I’m sure there are others available, as well.

I was going to try to find you a version where it’s even worse – where you enter in your email address, but then are taken to a form page where you have to enter it AGAIN. That’s worse than what I describe above. But still. You get the picture.

Here’s what to do with handling your email signup process

  1. When possible, it’s ideal to be able to deliver your content immediately at the click of a button or straight to their email inbox without requiring additional steps. There are millions of people out there that will abandon the signup process or not click into your email requesting you to verify that link. They have lives; they’re busy.
  2. Have a thank-you page that actually says “thank you” because hey, it’s nice. Basic manners go a long way.
  3. Direct them to a page where you have other content they might like. Sort of a “Hey you saw this, check out this, too” without being pushy about it. Either way, say thank you. This is so much better than sending them the double opt in email example above.
  4. Forward them to a page where you have some content upgrades to check out or show them some other stuff related to what you just sent them. You never know – sometimes people are instantaneous buyers and will buy something on impulse if it aligns well with what they’re looking for.
  5. Deliver on-point and on-brand content that is going to impress them on a regular basis, but don’t over-do it. Some marketers – (the ones who are following the obvious ClickFunnels system training) tend to email blast you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And that gets annoying. The emails never seem to stop, even if you don’t open them. They’re completely oblivious to the lack of opens.
  6. Avoid using plain-text-only systems that don’t allow you to include images or do promotions. How many emails do you get where they are like, one-line only sentences, 100+ lines of content, with a tiny link with a timed offer? I get a ton and they get ignored because they’re ineffective from a marketing standpoint. I can’t stand them. They’re not visually appealing. So work on your images and do a bang-up job promoting what you have.

Make Your Opt-in Process as Easy as Possible

So what I encourage you to do is make it easy for them. Don’t give them an excuse to abandon the email signup process or forget about your link.

Send them a follow-up email with a “Did you get the file ok?” type message so you know they got it. This often serves as a great reminder for them, as well, to go check out what you just sent. Wait a day

Whatever you choose to do with your flow or process, secure the signup without the double opt-in process and get that funnel going straight away. Get them moving through your funnel and enjoying your content.


There are so many different ways to collect email addresses, and various email subscription services to use. And I know many of them ‘urge’ you to use double opt-in. But I’m here to let you know, it’s not necessary. It’s not a compliance requirement, and you can grow your list successfully without requiring double opt-in.

Double check to see if you have a double opt in place by looking at the double opt in email example above. Whenever possible, turn it off so you can get your newly acquired subscriber what they signed up to receive straight away.

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