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How to Plan Content for a New Product Launch

When you are planning a new product launch, there are some key pieces of content you will need in order to help generate sales.

Planning Website Content for a New Product Launch

When you are planning a new product launch, there are some key pieces of content you will need in order to help generate sales quickly and easily. We’ll cover how to create a marketing plan for a new product launch, and I’ll give you a mini new product launch checklist below.

Marketing Plan for New Product Launch

The first thing I do when launching a product is get certain pages created. I actually create every page in my Elementor landing page template bundle. (Psst! These will save you 24 hours of solid design time work just to build them).

The first page you’ll want to have is a lead magnet opt-in page in short form or long form. This will let you offer a freebie  or a content upgrade that will help warm your audience up to your product. 

Next, you’ll need a tripwire. Once a reader signs up for your email list, you’ll want to offer them a one-time-only deal, and this is something that can be related to your launch product or a heavily discounted rate on your new product. Once that offer expires, you’ll want to have a waitlist or a page that lets the reader know the offer has expired (works great with a countdown element on your tripwire page) or make it suggest they make the purchase on your online shop. 

The Sales Page

Then, you’re going to need a sales page. Some people refer to this as the sales letter. We’ll go into detail on how to create a sales page; using a template when you’re first starting out is a great idea so you get the concept of how to lay everything out.

On your offer or sales page, whether it’s a long-form (~5,000 words) or short-form sales page, a product description, or a services page, this is the foundation destination for where you’re directing traffic during promo. Your sales page needs to address any and all possible questions a reader might have as well as overcome barriers to purchasing.

Other Options for New Product Launch Strategy

Think about how you want to deploy your new product launch strategy by considering add-ons or alternatives for launching. You may want to consider offering a webinar or a free mini-course on how to use your product. You could use a webinar signup page and then a webinar live or replay page.  

Prepare pitches for promotional materials, like joint-venture webinars, guest blogs, or podcast interviews.

Social media campaign copy—whenever your promo period is, go ahead and create your social posts in advance.

Consider creating a video talking about how this new product came to be, why you created it, what gave you the idea, what challenges it solves, and anything else you might want as part of your marketing plan for a new product launch.

Finally, you’ll want a few versions of thank you’s depending on what the thank you page is being used for. 

How to Create a Sales Page

Even now the sales letter or sales page is the most important part of marketing any new product you launch. In the sales letter, you will need:

  • A good headline
  • An interesting subheadline that supports the headline
  • An attention-grabbing opening paragraph
  • Bullet points that include the features and benefits of the product you are trying to sell
  • A clear call to action, such as “Start your new website now”
  • A 100% money back guarantee
  • A P.S. that reiterates some of the benefits of buying the product (also known as a closing argument)
  • In the sales letter, you will also include reviews and testimonials

How to Get Products Reviews Lined Up

When you are getting ready to launch a product, it’s a good idea to get feedback from real people you trust in business, to make sure your product will appeal to your target audience. Don’t ask your family or friends for this feedback, as they tend to tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. Establishing a marketing plan for a new product launch should include some beta testers or a team of people you pre-select to give you constructive feedback.

Consider offering about one hundred people on your email marketing list a free copy of your first draft of the item (such as an ebook or ecourse) in exchange for an honest review of the item. Give them a deadline by which to submit their review.

Read the reviews when they come in. Make adjustments to the product as needed based on the comments you get. Offer more beta tests as needed, to get more positive reviews. Once you are certain your product is the best it can be, you will be ready to launch. Use the best reviews as the enticement for your audience to buy the product.

Use Your Social Networks

Depending on which networks you use, create the kind of content that is in high demand on each site. For example, on Facebook you can produce memes, videos, or ads, if you have a budget for the Facebook advertising network.

If you have a lot of followers on Twitter, create a range of tweets that talk about the product you are launching. Using Pinterest? Fantastic! Make sure you have a range of attractive images to drum up interest for the product.

If you’re using LinkedIn, post updates and write an article about your niche. Include a link to your new product. I personally use SEMRush to keep my posts and pins in rotation for channels that work for me. 

Use Videos to Market Your New Product

Video is rapidly becoming the number one type of marketing content. Create videos and share on YouTube, post on Facebook and Tumblr, and embed the video at your site. Video sales letters and hybrid sales letters with words and video on the page are very popular.

I’ve started a YouTube channel, too, and have found that the growth is slow but steady. It takes some time and effort to build a following and process/render videos. And only those who do YouTube as a marketing effort can really understand just how much effort goes into just one video.

Prepare yourself for a learning curve, but it’s worth it. There’s a lot of search engine overlap knowledge you’ll find applicable to both YouTube and Pinterest. Followers will grow over time, and after a while you’ll start gaining traction and subscribers to that channel. I do think businesses that have an online presence should have a YouTube channel, even if they don’t post to it very often.

How to Write Epic Product Descriptions

Along with your new product launch, you’re going to have to take some time to carefully describe your product in detail. Remember that a product page might be the first place a visitor experiences your brand, so a generic description that is lackluster or typical (even trite) just will not do.

If you’re looking for inspiration and copywriting templates for writing exceptional product descriptions, try out the 5 Product Description Templates for Creatives. This guidebook/workbook will help you write 1) humorous 2) pain-point driven 3) all-purpose 4) inspriational/aspirational and 5) beautiful-question prompting product descriptions for your next product or service launch.

Parting Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered what content you need for a successful product launch, start organizing all of these elements, set your publishing calendar, and watch the profits roll in. Don’t forget to schedule your posts and emails so that your entire audience knows what’s up!

Always try more than one sales page and see which one converts better, too. Use A/B split testing to find which sales copy resonates more for your audience. I’ve found that even just one image or the placement of an accent line of text can make a big difference.

Now that you know how to prepare for a new product launch, you’re ready to put all the steps in place and properly launch your new product!

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