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Pinterest Tip #20 – Pinterest Board Covers

Create custom Pinterest board covers or make Pinterest board covers from pins, which will help your audience see your brand's overall style.

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Create impressive and attractive board cover photos.

You don’t necessarily need to create pins just for your custom Pinterest board covers unless you really want to. Pinterest board covers can be updated once a year or once every so often. You can take your best-designed and most popular pin and use that for your board cover, as well. Using a similar color or theme for each board cover is a must here.

Pinterest board covers and board cover design has been a hot topic issue for many Pinterest experts and gurus. Some will say they’re not important, others say they have some importance, and others claim that they’re super important.

My brand has a certain esthetic. It’s a Nordic minimalist style, filled with a few pretty styled stock photos. I like to keep my boards organized, clean, and stylish. Having a minimalist board cover look helps me achieve that goal. I’ve also tested two separate Pinterest accounts with board covers, and one without, and found that the one with the esthetic board covers performs better for getting Pinterest followers than one that does not.

How to Make Pinterest Board Covers

I use a square Instagram-size image on Pinterest for my board covers. It helps me keep everything centered, so I don’t have to make adjustments. Here’s a quick list of what to do in case you want to learn how to create Pinterest board covers:

  1. Open Canva (free) and create a new document, specifically, Instagram.
  2. Place your image or text into the document.
  3. Label your file name with SEO-friendly keywords for Pinterest in the file name (I use this method across the board for Google, too).
  4. Download as either as JPG or PNG file. PNG files are typically higher quality, so that’s the file type I recommend.
  5. Upload the image as a Pinterest pin. Pin it to the board it applies to.
  6. Then, open up your Pinterest board, edit it, and change the cover setting to your new image.

Voila! You’ve updated your Pinterest board cover, and you’re ready to roll to swap out all the other ones, too. If you’re like me, and want to change out your style once in a while, I recommend swapping out your board tiles (aka, covers) once every year. Any more than that and you’ll be spending a lot of time uploading images and tweaking your boards.

But then again, it’s a good time to update your keywords or keyword phrases in your Pinterest boards, too. Doing a board cleanse every once in a while for outdated pins or pins that are no longer relevant to your brand’s work or audience is a novel idea, as well. Custom Pinterest board covers take a few hours do to, so it’s just a matter of how much time you want to spend on them per year.

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Be sure to read more up on Pinterest marketing, as well, because there’s a lot to know about setting yourself up for success. Pinterest also changes every quarter with something new or a fresh element of focus, so you’ll want to keep tabs on updates and changes.

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