The Story Your Email List Tells

Your email list tells its own story. Are you listening to its tale?

Over time, your email list will have some challenges. Whether it’s email list growth, conversion, subscribers who never click your links, subscribers who lose interest, low open rates, or even subscribers who download everything you offer for free but never buy… these challenges happen to even the best marketers and require some attention.

Ignoring the story or tuning it out doesn’t make the reality of the story from coming true, unfortunately.

But it’s hard to know where to start when all of the “marketing gurus” only give you one-paragraph answers about more technical back-end issues like IP blocks and domain reputation. And while those things are good to consider, they don’t factor in the people equation.

No one actually likes facing harsh realities of their situation. But it’s time to be brave, be your own hero, and do some fix-it. And now is the perfect time as we head into an unpredictable economic climate.

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Here are some of the specific issues I want to cover as part of a longer tutorial on how to specifically address challenges directly related to your marketing efforts. I’ve had them, too, so I’ll share my wisdom and insight in how I overcame each one (including my email sequences being an absolute mess).

Which one most relates to your specific problem?

  • Not enough subscribers (list isn’t big enough – I need list-building help)
  • List never grows and shrinks with every email (list growth doesn’t outweigh unsubscribe rate)
  • Unsubscribe right after freebie (download and dashers)
  • Downloads all freebies and resources but never buys (lurking but never investing)
  • No sales from emails (no one is buying)
  • Low open rate (are my emails boring or lack value?)
  • Low email to blog rate in nurturing sequence (no one reads all my helpful tips and added value content)
  • My email sequences are all out of whack and unorganized
  • I’m not telling any stories in my emails (not relating to my audience)
  • I’m not selling unless I’m emailing (need help with nurturing and nudging)
  • I have ALL of these problems, and need serious help.

The next 15-or-so blog posts are going to cover these specific email marketing challenges, how to fix them, what to look for, what the problem seems like it could be versus what it actually is, things for you to do to make your email list challenge better, and so much more. I’ll also be compiling an ebook resource for you to download (if you wish to invest in the full, documented version) so you can work through each challenge and make positive progress with your brand.

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