June 3, 2019

Editorial Serif Fonts to Love

Editorial-style fonts are some of my favorite, because of the smart and intelligent reader-ish feel they promote. These are for the intellectual, New Yorker type readers who are critical thinkers who happen to be content writers. Copywriters. Thought-provokers and worldview changers.

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Telling Stories in Your Email Sequences

If you’re having trouble relating to your audience and establishing an emotional connection with them, and finding yourself questioning how much personal or revealing information you’re sharing, you have a storytelling and relatability issue on your hands.

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Low Open Rate for Email Marketing

Low open rates are a hot topic for a lot of marketing gurus and experts. But they all say the same things as the reason for why that’s happening.

Newsflash. Your low open rate problem is not anything they tend to blame it on. It’s not your domain reputation or quality, the service you’re using, or the age of your email list. It’s just not. Sorry, nope.

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Not Getting Sales from Emails

It’s infuriating, I know. To work so hard on something, put in all the marketing time for your social media pieces, craft a clever email announcing your new launch or product / service, only to get crickets. If you’re not getting sales from your emails, or wish you had MORE sales from your email marketing campaigns, then this is the post for you to read.

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