When You’re Not Selling Unless You’re Emailing

Spiky sales, inconsistent income, hit-or-miss marketing launches, and your perspective about nurturing email sequence funnels. Let's get into it.

You may need help with nurturing and nudging

Spiky sales, inconsistent income, hit-or-miss marketing launches, and your perspective about nurturing email sequence funnels. Let’s get into it.

Experiencing Spiky Sales?

While they’re fun to see, spiky sales always make me a little nervous to see when I’m helping a customer or client gain a more consistent flow of income. This means that they’re not making money on an ongoing basis, and often relying on income from launches instead.

Don’t get me wrong – spikes in sales are fun. But they come and go, and you can’t rely on them all the time. So the problem that you’ll find is that you start getting conditioned to email just new product launches, because you’re often rewarded with the spike in sales, right?

The problem is that it’s a risky business move, isn’t guaranteed, and you could be making so much more income from your emails with a change in perspective. We’ll get to that soon enough.

But your focus really should be more on less spikes, and more constant sales of income as you venture through your brand’s journey. How do you get your email list and email sequences to perform in this way? You need help nurturing and nudging. It’s that simple.

Inconsistent Income?

If you’ve got inconsistent income, it can hamper your overall growth in general, as well as keep you from achieving bigger goals. Inconsistent income, for example, when you’re a small business owner, can look risky to banks, especially if you’re going in for a capital loan or small business loan.

You’re going to sleep better at night knowing you have consistent, flowing sales from your website and shops because you put in the effort to a) draw in the right kind of traffic and b) work on nudging more in your nurturing funnels rather than focusing so much on product launches. In fact, I’d rather have you focus more on educating and nurturing and making more reliable income that way, because then you’ll have more predictable income coming through your bank account.

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Hit-or-Miss Product Launches?

If you’ve ever had a product or service launch that didn’t exactly go the way you thought it would, then you understand the concept of hit-or-miss. Not every launch you have is going to go stellar. There are teachable moments that can be learned from each one.

But if you’re tired of having the bulk of your product or service launches seem to fizzle on the launch pad, then using a more nurturing and nudging approach to your email marketing is probably the answer.

What’s to blame for the bad launches? Why are you having to email so much just to make money? Why aren’t you converting traffic from online sources like social media and Pinterest? Hint – your landing pages and offers need some re-working. Pick up The Story Your Email List Tells and find out everything you need to know to zap this problem at the source and start growing in daily sales so you can do LESS launches, not more.

Change Your Perspective on Email Marketing and Nurturing Funnels

So many people I talk to use nurturing funnels incorrectly. They’ll put together a list of content for their readers to consume between product launches, and have the best intentions of educating, but fall short.

Don’t even think about nurturing email funnels as email marketing. This is your opportunity to open dialogues, pose important, beautiful questions, educate, enlighten, while at the same time, recommending strategies, goals, data, resources, and your products. Think of nurturing emails as an opportunity to share a story and provide the happy ending your reader so badly craves.

You’re not emailing; you’re continuing a conversation and providing a recommendation with the helpful power of storytelling. That’s it.

But let’s get you started on resolving this specific issue by reading this post article: https://kerrielegend.com/when-youre-not-selling-unless-youre-emailing/. And if you want the full solution [where I wrote a ton of words, focused on attainable metrics, tell you how to test, diagnose, and correct this issue] the you can check out The Story Your Email List Tells.

This is a 160+ page interactive guidebook that walks you through specific email list challenges and provides 10 solutions/activities to work on for each situation. Plus, you’ll learn metrics you can work on and what to look for, how to encourage more sales from those lurking & downloading, but never buying, and how to set up workflows that combat inactivity, low open rates, download dashers, and more. And finally, you’ll learn an easy to implement system to get your funnels organized, and create a smooth transition from one to the next.

10 challenges with tactical & strategic solutions for the creative email list marketer. A 100+ page interactive guidebook to help guide you through 10 different email list challenges, including:

Inside you’ll receive activities, tactical solutions, and a larger strategy to make your email list building and management effective and easy.

You’ll learn:

  1. What the problem seems to be (the cliche response) versus what the problem actually is
  2. Tactical steps to improve each scenario
  3. Strategies to implement that will align your brand with a bigger picture result
  4. Metrics to shoot for at various stages (beginner, advanced, intermediate)
  5. Goals (both long- and short-term) to work on each month
  6. My own story with each challenge and what I did to correct them (a behind-the-scenes look at my funnels, stats, and more)
  7. Workflows to set up to conquer download dashers and set up rewards-based system to give favor to your most loyal readers
  8. What to check in diagnosing any of these challenges
  9. How to test and measure results
  10. Quick fixes (for the short-term results) and long-term solutions (for achieving those big dreams of yours)
  11. Other thoughts and suggestions I’ve given clients I’ve worked with and implemented myself that have been helpful

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