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Create an Irresistible Month’s Worth of Content

Grab your notebooks, ladies and gents, it's time to get busy! If you're into daily blogging and providing updates or other useful information to your audience, you'll want to prepare some irresistible material - enough for a month. What should I write about, you ask? Here are some really great ... READ the POST

4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Today

Greetings, everyone! Today I'm going to show you 4 social media marketing tricks you must try today. Now, some of you might be ahead of the 8-ball on this and some of you might be BEHIND the 8-ball and haven't tried these yet. Regardless, if you've tried them before then I'm just reinforcing the ... READ the POST

How to Develop a Color Scheme for Your Social Media Strategy in 15 Minutes

Color has amazing power and impact on how we feel. Confident, energized, powerful, happy, sad, relaxed, passionate, loved, etc. Subconsciously, color can cause emotions from within and determine how we respond to things we see online. Choosing colors for your brand is often a very personal choice, ... READ the POST

Have a Book? Here’s How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

(...and why your free book doesn't interest anyone!) Attention all you authors and writers-soon-to-be-authors! If you've got a book, you need a strategy. You're probably wondering... why did Kerrie say "and why your free book doesn't interest anyone"? I'll tell you why - and it's a crucial mistake ... READ the POST

Get More Writing Done by Productively Planning Your Posts

"I have no time to write!" Sound familiar? I struggled with that, too, at one point. Then I got smart. As a mom of 6 boys and a whole business to run, I had to find a solution that built my writing platform and followers without requiring me to be writing for my blog on a daily basis and trying to ... READ the POST

Breathe Easier by Scheduling Your Posts & Doing Image Production in Batches

I want you to be able to breathe easier and get back to creating whatever it is you do. Like, get back to your passion projects. Perhaps you're a writer, artist, designer, blogger, or whatever. Whatever it is that you do best and when you're in your element, that's what I want you to be able to do ... READ the POST