How to Integrate Flodesk with Elementor

Still using HTML and color adjustments in Flodesk to match your website? Have Elementor? Find out how to quickly use Forms in Elementor to integrate quickly with Flodesk without any design hassle whatsoever.

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Pinterest Changes for 2020

Pinterest recently came out and said they’re going to favor and place more preference on new images and content rather than old pins. Read my opinions on some things floating around out there!

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Blush Plush Lightroom Presets

Features and Favorites: preset 11 will help you correct over-exposed whites and warm up the skin tone (perfect for overly bright scenes). Preset 1 (featured in mother/daughter image) is one of my favorites for all-around application.

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Pinning Others’ Pins on Pinterest

There’s been a decent amount of debate recently on various blogs about whether or not, as a Pinterest marketer, you need to pin other peoples’ and brands’ pins.
Some say, “yes, but no”.
Other say, “yes”.
And there’s a rare few that say “no”.
As an expert with Pinterest marketing, and having written the #1 preferred book on the topic, I’ll put this matter to bed for you once and for all and support my position on this with reasons.

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What Are the Best Schedulers to Use?

It took me a long time to realize the truth: you don’t necessarily need the most expensive schedulers to get what you want posted effectively, and with ease. And… you can save time with one specific feature that few schedulers offer. When I think about all the time and money I wasted setting up and trying out various schedulers…

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