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kerrie legend

kerrie legend

Writer, published author, and graphic designer who helps brands create memorable lead magnets. Sales conversion Pinterest expert. Mom to get 6 adorable boys; wife of Joe, drone videographer pilot.

The Blog

successful blogger

Become a Successful Blogger

How to become a successful blogger – it starts with a social media strategy for brand awareness, and building your blog.

social media marketing

Dominate Social Media Marketing

Here’s how I create a ton of social media marketing posts in a short amount of time. I’ll teach you a few things to make you more productive.

words to sell

5 Tips on Using Words to Sell

Today let’s talk about charm – how to express your natural charming self through words in your emails, in your sales copy or wherever you need. I’ll give you some tips on what works naturally and what to avoid.

social media presence

5 Tips to Polish Your Online Presence

What could I be doing differently or in addition to what I’m already doing with my social media presence to boost sales and gain followers?

successful people

Successful People Know This Secret

Successful people know what it takes to succeed without making sacrifices detrimental to their life’s passions and loves.

NOW is the Time to Write.

Now is the time to write! The stay-at-home economy is here to stay, and writing is just one of the many ways you can earn a living at home.

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