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kerrie legend

kerrie legend

Writer, published author, and graphic designer who helps brands create memorable lead magnets. Sales conversion Pinterest expert. Mom to get 6 adorable boys; wife of Joe, drone videographer pilot.

The Blog

How NOT to Be a Book Blogger

Being a book blogger is great, and we love them. But if you’re going to be one, don’t tag authors with your negative reviews.

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Pinterest Strategy Book

The new “Pinterest Strategy” book is now live on Amazon. Focus on your Pinterest marketing strategy or learn new pinteresting strategies!

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Pinterest Marketing for Authors

Pinterest marketing for authors is a little different than how you’d apply Pinterest for bloggers, retailers, fashion bloggers, & big brands.

scrivener for blogging

How to Use Scrivener for Blogging

There are so many benefits for using Scrivener for blogging. Here’s how I use it and why I recommend using it as both a blogger and author.

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Over 3000 Students Have Taken This Pinterest Course

Over the weekend I was checking in with some of my Learn Pinterest Strategy course students and realized I had just turned over 3000 enrollments – my jaw dropped. After launching my course last year, I figured that no one would even be interested in it. I mean, after all, there are some free ones out there (but they don’t go into as much detail) and there are some really expensive courses, too.

10 Incredible Discoveries with Book Marketing

…Every Author Needs to Know As an author myself (but mostly blogger), I’ve learned a great deal of insight with book marketing over the years. If you take away anything from this post, it’s that you’ll learn a lot about marketing purely from testing and observation, two things that I

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