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Pinning from Your Site – Pinterest Tip #5

Want to know what people are pinning from your site? Also, why should you pin from your site to Pinterest directly?

Find the content your readers are already pinning on Pinterest. Curious about what people are organically pinning straight from your site? There’s a way to find out, and you can learn about if you should you pin from your site to Pinterest, how to find pins on Pinterest from your site, and the answer to ‘Can you pin things from your site more than once?’.

You can find out what people are really interested in so you can create more of that quality, popular content. Visit to see the content your readers are already pinning. Just be sure to put in your own domain site in the “” area and you’ll discover what content you should create more of for your audience!

Update April 16, 2021: using the /source/ will take you back to your business hub now. You’ll simply have to start using your business conversion analytics to see how your pins are being seen and engaged with from this point on. It’s a recent Pinterest algorithm and functionality change we were not expected to see, because it certainly was a nice/useful tool to have.

It’s common for Pinterest to make changes as the platform grows and strives to provide positive experience for Pinterest users. I know first-hand as a brand business owner that when you find a specific tool a platform offers and then all of a sudden they take it away, how utterly annoying that is. But, it happens, and Pinterest is constantly making changes and updates to the algorithm all the time. This is not news. LOL

The alternative to this is to use your conversions reports, Tailwind if you have it, and review your analytics to find out which pins from your own website are performing the best.

Collection of Pinterest Tips

I’ve actually written quite a few posts containing various Pinterest tips that you may want to read to learn more about Pinterest business strategy. When you’re a brand on Pinterest, the more you know about branding, analytics, functions, and driving traffic to your website, the more success you’ll have with this long-haul platform.

Pinterest Tip 1 – Claim Your Website

This is a post that describes why you should claim your website domain and any other subdomains, shops, and social media accounts within your Pinterest settings so you can track more analytics for your pins.

Rich Pins – Enabling Them – Pinterest Tip 2

Thinking about using rich pins or heard about them? Find out what they are and why you’ll want to have them enabled.

Pinterest Profile Picture – Tip 3

How your Pinterest profile picture impacts your overall Pinterest presence and can influence followers.

Find Quality Accounts to Follow – Pinterest Tip 4

Finding quality accounts to follow that also represent your audiences’ interests is essential to Smart Feed success.

Find Out What People are Pinning from Your SitePinterest Tip 5

If you want to know what people are pinning from your website or have pinned in the past, here’s some information to learn how to use the sourcing feature on Pinterest. This is an explanation on how to find pins on Pinterest from your site that are pinned on others’ Pinterest boards.

Just Be You – Pinterest Tip 6

It’s easy to get inspired on Pinterest and want to mimic every other girl boss or boss lady out there. Here’s why it’s important to find your own style and not just copy the styles of people you admire.

Tracking Your Pinterest Analytics – Pinterest Tip 7

Tracking your Pinterest analytics using the tool on Pinterest has never been easier. In fact, you’ll gleam a lot of insight and gain some brain data by keeping track of what is happening with your pins.

When to PinPinterest Tip 8

Is there really a best time to pin on Pinterest? Find out with this post.

Pin DescriptionsPinterest Tip 9

Your pin description matters a whole lot more than you think! Think of it as giving the Pinterest algorithm more context about what your pin is about, rather than forcing it to rely on one of your titles or hashtags.

About Those Lifestyle Boards…Pinterest Tip 10

How many lifestyle boards should your account have? Here’s why you may want to cool it with the lifestyle boards.

High-Quality ContentPinterest Tip 11

Pinning high-quality content is a must on Pinterest. To do this, you have to find a delicate balance between sharing great content from others’ pins along with your own. Where you might get into trouble is ‘obligatory’ pinning if you’re in a Facebook group or Tailwind Community.

Using Secret BoardsPinterest Tip 12

Using secret boards is a great way to use your Pinterest business account both for your brand and personal use. Find out some tips on using secret boards with this post.

On-Brand ContentPinterest Tip 13

Staying on-brand with your Pinterest content can be challenging when you’re part of a pinning Facebook group or Tailwind community. Learn how to avoid obligatory pinning and how to better stay on brand with only quality posts you are proud to share with your Pinterest audience.

Notification AlertsPinterest Tip 14

Pay attention to your notification alerts, pinners, because they’ll give you a whole world of insight into what is trending, popular, and hot on Pinterest. Plus, you’ll start seeing trends within your own content on what is resonating the most on Pinterest from your pinning activity.

Seasonal Content on PinterestPinterest Tip 15

Seasonal content can be extraordinarily popular on Pinterest when the time arrives. What do you do with pins that are seasonal in the meantime? Is it ok to loop seasonal content given the new rules on fresh content for Pinterest?

Your Brand BoardPinterest Tip 16

Your brand board should be the first and foremost board on your Pinterest board page layout. Find out what this kind of board should include, and why it needs to be your first on display.

Create an Attractive Look on PinterestPinterest Tip 17

Learn how to create an attractive, appealing look on Pinterest. Designing beautiful pins was never so easy!

Pinterest Pin & Screen SizePinterest Tip 18

Pinterest pin and screen sizes matter. I’ve ran some tests, and Pinterest also has specified their preferred pin size dimension for optimal placement on all devices.

Multi-Dimensional PinsPinterest Tip 19

Learn how creating multi-dimensional pins will create greater interest in your blog content!

Pinterest Board CoversPinterest Tip 20

Board cover attractiveness is more important than what some Pinterest experts give credit for. Learn how and why to create Pinterest board covers that reflect your brand and help you stand out.


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